First off, when it comes to these large, external microphones, I have always had deep interest, yet never used them before. So I speak from the vantage of a “newbie”, and not some jaded audiophile mixing pro. (It’s always nice to have perspectives from both sides of the fence, though.)

After a day’s worth of testing on my amp, Windows PC, and directly into my camcorder, I like this set well enough to purchase a Mixer/PreAmp, and see what I can further achieve with this, which, of course, I will faithfully update once I get it in and played around. However, I figure hearing how this sounds straight out of the box, nothing added, just plugged in via the XLR to TRS 3 pole jack (in my Canon VIXA HF 600). Sound great 3 to 4 inches from my mouth - a condenser mic arm may be in the future - yet picks up well enough from further away. You can hear the dramatic difference in my video when I lean in closer, and especially when I put the MIC up near my mouth.

Aside from working with it with my Fender Mustang I (v2) Amp, my other main use is for when recording speaker demo clips - my camcorder’s internal microphone just can’t handle deeper bass lines. This does far, far, far... far better in that respect. However, I have to express a bit of dismay and disappointment (and thus the one star hit) over how this not only picks up my AC when on, but magnifies the noise to an incredible level. So much for “Bass-reduction switch reduces room noise”. :p

Still, speaking as a “novice” when it comes to using external, full-sized microphones, I am overall pleased with it, and having actually personally shopped (but never purchased) all the different microphones available in the past, I do say that if you are a starting off as well, this does seem to work very well as a jump-off point without some of those mega-crazy prices I balked at myself.

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